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Casual tasting  room with historic hops artifacts.

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KUNGFU Honey Blonde
Our very first beer with her very own story to tell. She's a little blonde, a little sweet with a kick that will knock you off your feet.  Features honey from Johnston's Honey Bee Farm, our Perle and Cascade hops and NYS pale and vienna malt.  KUNGFU is 100% NY grown and brewed.

Aran's Red
We wanted to make a tribute beer in honor of Aran, our  red and white pinto reideer,  Aran? Red?  It had to be an Irish red ale.  9o% New York base malt with specialty additions of caramel/crystal and roasted barley.  Our Willamette hops  (100%) provide just the right balance between bitter and sweet.  An easy drinking red. 
C&W Homestead Pale Ale 
Kate's family has owned C&W Homestead, a  farm on the East Hill, for nearly 100 years.  This American pale ale uses our Cascade and Willamette hops (C&W) and is a brew that we think her dad and brother would enjoy.  92% NY pale malt with rich caramel/crystal.  Brewed with love for family and friends.
For Pete's Sake
Based upon a homebrew recipe by craft brewing pioneer, Pete Slosberg, this is our version of an English Special Bitter - ie. English pale ale.  92% NY pale with cara, crystal and chocolate malt for color and flavor.  Brewer's Gold and Cascade hops. 
5.5% ABV    33 IBU   11 SRM 


4.7 ABV     41 IBU    10.9 SRM
6.2% ABV     19 IBU    4.2 SRM
5% ABV    23 IBU     12.7 SRM
BeeFree GF Honey Apple Pale
GLUTEN FREE - Yes, Gluten Free!
We added Johnston's honey and filtered cider from our daughter's apple orchard - pressed on our farm - to a sorghum syrup base to create this GF pale ale.  which exceeds the 20% NYS requirement.  Orange and lemon peel with multiple additions of Cascade hops results in a fruity citrus profile.  
Sodas and Other Beverages
Our soda taps may include our own cream soda (think vanilla) and sasparilla (hints of black cherry and licorice). 
We'll also have our very own old fashioned ginger hop lemonade.

4.5% ABV    36 IBU   
0% ABV     
We will have an everchanging line-up of other NYS farm beverages.

This week: 
Heartsease Hill Honey Mead 
West Winfield / Unadilla.

1000 Islands Winery
Alexandria Bay.

Black Bear Winery
Chenango Forks.

Olde Home Distillers

Lock 1 Distillers
Bear Path Brown
A full bodied American brown ale with deep cocoa and coffee flavors.  Chocolate malt and Willamette hops for bitterness have led this favorite to be nicknamed "Hop Cocoa".  86% NYS malt and of course, 100% our hops.

4.8% ABV    31 IBU   
Uncle Gus IPA
You asked for an IPA!  Meet Uncle Gus, our SMASH (single malt and single hop) IPA brewed with Empire pale malt and Galena hops.  Multiple additions of Galena late in the boil impart both the expected IPA bitterness with subtle flavors of stone fruit and pineapple.  Great early reviews and we expect Gus to get even better with age.

6% ABV    49 IBU   
Running Free GF Maple MIld
We expect this spring release soon.  Local maple sap and maple syrup with a touch of chocolate in our second gluten free sorghum based beer.  Running beers were the  fresh compliment to the aged British porter and were later called "mild".  We could not achieve the dark color common to even a pale mild, but we think this twist on both words and style is sweet.  Earthy Fuggle hops with UK origins and British ale yeast.
4% ABV    18 IBU