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What's Hoppening at Foothill Hops....


2016 New Years Update

by Kate and Larry Fisher on 12/21/13

Seems like every year we are doing the same thing. We revisit our website and vow to provide more current and timely information on what's happening (or hoppening) here at Foothill Hops.  Maybe this year will be different and we'll not disappoint.

Let's start with a new logo and some information about our brewery plans.  If you have been looking for Foothill Hops Bitter End Brewing Company, you won't find it.  A brewery in Illinois asked us to stop using the name because it was too similar to a trademarked beer that they produced.  Since we would rather be recognized for who we are and not what we call ourselves, we have dropped that name and will simply be "Foohill Hops" farm and brewery.  If you are here, you already know the name.  

We have our federal brewer's notice and will soon be filing our NYS farm brewery applications. We had to straighten out the name thing first.  Our brewery is just 1 bbl in size and we have started construction.  Framing is up and the door to the walk-in cooler is hung.  We will soon be starting some concrete floor work to lay in drains.  As things get a little further along, we'll post pics.

Our reindeer Erin passed away last week after one last visit with Santa and the children of our town.  She has been with us for nearly 10 years and a big part of our business image.  We have long planned to use the reindeer antler in our logo and tap design.  Here is one rendition.