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What are hops?
Hops (humulus lupulis) is a perennial herb used in the flavoring and preservation of beer. Hops give beer and ales their characteristic bitterness and aroma. Each variety of hop adds unique character to the brew. Hops also have reputed medicinal and soothing qualities when taken as a tea or tonic. Add hops to your pillow for a restful sleep. Hops are perhaps the most decorative of all dried herbs - their long vines, broad leaves, and prolific flowers can enrich your home with beauty and aroma as swags or wreaths. In the garden, hops can be used in arbors and trellises for unparalleled old time charm.

Here are the varieties of hops we grow on our farm. Unless noted, the alpha acid ranges in parenthesis represent industry typical ranges. Descriptions below excerpted from the USDA Named Hop Variety Descriptions, Oregon State University.  Some varieties are in very limited supply.

Brewer's Gold - (Alpha Acid tested 2008 @ 7.2%) ( 7-11%). Parentage includes a wild hop from Manitoba which was believed to be a truly native North American hop. Brewer's Gold is the ancestor of most major high-alpha hops grown around the world. 

Cascade - (Alpha Acid tested 2014 @ 6.4%) (5-8.5%) A Fuggle cross that is a great dual purpose hop. Often used for aroma - citrusy scents and flavors. Mid to mid-late maturing. Good producer.

Chinook - (13.9-15.3%) Our strongest bittering hop. Large cones with feathery skirts. Mid to mid-late maturing. Considered super-alpha by trade.

Galena - (8.02 to 14.9%) Brewer's Gold cross.

Perle - (10-11%.) Northern Brewer cross. Spicy flavors. Early to mid maturing.

Vojvodina - (6.1-10.5%) Northern Brewer and wild Yugoslavian cross. USDA reports Vojvodina is very late maturing but ours mature early with very small cones. 

Willamette - (6.6%.) Excellent producer with Fuggle ancestry and good substitute for Fuggle. Aroma / dual purpose. Heavy producer that is later maturing.

"Clark" - (Alpha Acid - Tested 2008 @ 5%) A heritage hop that was found in the hedgerows of the Stockbridge Valley. Named by us after the property on which it was found.

Brewing Partners 

Brewers using our hops this year...

Empire Brewing Company - 
Syracuse, NY 

Good Nature Brewing - 
Hamilton, NY

Farmhouse Brewery - 
Newark Valley, NY

FX Matts / Saranac - 
Utica, NY

Adirondack Toboggan Company-
Gouverneur, NY 

Brewery Ommegang -
Cooperstown, NY

Council Rock Brewing -
Cooperstown, NY