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Home Brew Kits
We offer the complete line of True Brew Home Brew ingredient kits and many specialty kits from Brewer's Best.
Foothill Hops Home Brew Supply
Foothill Hops understands that it takes more than hops to make beer.  When our hops customers started asking for grains, yeast and other home brew supplies, we decided that a home brew  store was a perfect match for our growing "Whole Hop Experience".    We carry a full line of home brew and wine making ingredients and equipment.  Everything from tiny gaskets to 15 gallon demi-john fermenters.  We now carry the Anvil line of stainless kettles, high efficiency burners, and accessories from Blichmann Engineering and we can special order Blichmann kettles and fermenters for you.
Malts, Grains, Sugars, Spices and Adjuncts
Looking for a pound of specialty malt or 20 pounds of base malt, we have it and will custom crush for you.  Our stock includes sugars and adjuncts, a full line of spices,  fruit flavorings, sweet sorghum and malt extracts.    Whatever your style and taste, we may have it in stock or will gladly custom order for you.
Equipment and Glassware
We have home brew and wine making equipment, sanitation supplies and utensils, and a wide selection of glassware from 12 oz amber cap to Grolsch tops to wine bottles to cider jugs.  Whatever beverage you may be bottling, we can provide the glass.